Overview of TeamDynamix Project Card Wall

Version 9.1 introduces an interactive card wall for managing project tasks in the Project application. The TeamDynamix Project Card Wall is based upon a physical card wall. Just like its real-life inspiration, users can create columns and cards. Teams can also drag and drop cards as they complete their work. There is more information about the TeamDynamix Project Card Wall in the 9.1 release notes which can be found here.

The introduction of the TeamDynamix Project Card Wall brings up some interesting topics/questions that are worth mentioning:

1. Can the TeamDynamix Project Card Wall be viewed in the Client Portal?
Card Wall is not supported in Plan Manager and in the Client Portal. Rather it will be viewed and managed in its own separate web application.

2. Can I use the TeamDynamix Project Card Wall with a Waterfall model plan?
Yes, the Card Wall can be used in both Standard and Agile-mode projects.

3. Is it true I can change the percent complete dependent on the list a card is in? How do I do that?
The answer is yes, you can surely configure the TeamDynamix Project Card Wall to change the percent complete. Since the nature of every project is not the same, this setting is on a list-by-list and wall-by-wall basis. To set the percent complete within a list, click on the pencil in the top right corner of the list you'd like to set. This will display all settings about this list that can be modified, one of which is percent complete.

4. So where (and what) do I configure the TeamDynamix Project Card Wall within Admin?
The only item of the TeamDynamix Project Card Wall that is configured within Admin is the default Task Statuses. To configure these, go to the Admin > Projects/Workspaces > Task Statuses.

5. I've set a default percent complete within Default Task Status in Admin, can I change these defaults within the TeamDynamix Project Card Wall?
Yes, absolutely. The defaults set within Admin are the initial settings that will be applied to all new TeamDynamix Project Card Walls. However if the settings need to be changed for a particular TeamDynamix Project Card Wall, click on the pencil of the list to apply the change. These changes will be in place for the remainder of the project or until changed again.

6.Can I have multiple boards per project?
Yes, multiple boards can exist within a single project and each board is comprised of lists containing tasks (cards).

7. How do I add more than one responsibility to a card?
When editing a card, select all users that should be responsible. It is possible to use the dropdown list or type-ahead functionality to add all the users responsible to the card.  The responsibility is represented by the user's profile picture when viewing the cards on the board. 

8. How will the TeamDynamix Project Card Wall impact reports?
Each card in a TeamDynamix Project Card Wall represents an individual task. Therefore, cards will show up as tasks in reports. These cards will also appear in desktop modules that currently display task information. This being said, cards are a specialized type of task and the differentiation from other forms of tasks will be identified.

9. Is there a product backlog feature in Card Wall?
The Card Wall does contain a backlog feature. This functionality allows for conversion of tickets to cards and also allows for cards to be able to be moved between boards.

10. Does the Card Wall feature a burn down report?
Yes, a Burn Down chart is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time. There is a link to it from the "Reports" menu in Card Wall.

11. Can Cards be set as dependent upon one another?
The Card Wall does not support dependencies between cards. This feature is available in Waterfall plans.

12. Does the Card Wall use a check in / check out model for editing?
No, the Card Wall allows for live collaboration. Changes made by a users are immediately broadcast to all other users working on the same Card Wall. This removes the need for a check-in/check-out model.

13. Are there date fields on the cards?
Yes, there are Start and End date fields to indicate the time period of the the task.

14. Can a Card Wall be created for an existing project?
Yes, the Card Wall is a type of project plan and plans can be added to projects at any time.

15. Can I work with Issues from the Card Wall?
Yes, Issues can be created and managed on individual tasks (cards). Click on the Edit Card pencil within a card, and then the Issues tab to create/manage an Issue.

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