Waterfall vs. Card Wall


This article identifies the differences in functionality between Waterfall and Card Wall project plans. Plans of type Waterfall can be managed with the Web or Windows based Plan Manager applications, while plans of type Card Wall are managed using the Card Wall user interface. Waterfall plans are designed to manage complex plans such as those with interdependent tasks and shared task responsibility.  Card Wall plans are designed to manage simple plans with independent tasks which are worked by collaborative teams. It is not possible to convert plans from Card Wall to Waterfall or vice versa.  Carefully consider the features of each type of project plan before creating a new project plan.


The following features are only available in Card Wall plans.

  1. Real Time Updates
  2. Drag and Drop Status Updates
  3. Drag and Drop Percent Complete Updates
  4. Task Archive
  5. Inactive (hidden) Lists

The following features are only available in Waterfall plans:

  1. Shifting
  2. Milestones
  3. Project Requests
  4. Move Task between Plans
  5. Predecessors/Dependencies
  6. External Dependencies
  7. Parent/Child
  8. Plan Export/Import
  9. Multiple Responsibility
  10. Issues (available from TDNext Task Edit)
  11. Check In/Check Out
  12. Add Time for Other User (available from TDNext Task Edit)
  13. Cut Task
  14. Copy Task
  15. Foreground Color
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