Using the Backlog Manager

This how-to article will help users to manage card walls on projects they manage using TDNext. The user must have Projects access in TDNext and manage a project.


The Backlog Manager gives a summary view of cards in different card walls. It also provides aggregated details about the resources involved in the included projects and the allocated time. A project manager can choose which projects appear in the Backlog Manager, and then drag task cards to and from the backlog. New cards can be added directly to the backlog list. Cards can also be dragged between card wall plans. The Backlog Manager also allows assigning resources to cards with a drag-and-drop interface.

Where to Find This

Adding Card Walls to the Backlog Manager

To add card walls to the Backlog Manager:

  1. Navigate to TDNext > Projects.
  2. From the left navigation, click Backlog Manager.
  3. Click the Add Card Wall link in the toolbar.
  4. In the Add Card Walls to Backlog window, click the checkboxes for the card wall(s) that you want to include in your backlog or sprint.
  5. When you've selected the ones you want, click the +Add button.
  6. Drag and drop the card walls into the desired order.

Cards walls can be ordered in any arrangement you desire at any time. This better helps managers see which tasks are active on card wall plans and if needed move tasks between plans quickly.

You can bookmark the page using your browser’s bookmarking function to automatically load that set of card walls next time you use the Backlog Manager.

Using the Backlog Manager

Viewing the Card Wall in the Backlog Manager

When a card wall is added to the backlog manager, it has a unique layout.

The card wall features are labeled here: 

  1. Project Name – Click this to open the project in a new tab. 
  2. Card Wall Name – Click this to open the card wall in a new tab. 
  3. Remove Button – Click the X to remove this card wall from the Backlog Manager.
  4. Wall Card Count – The total number of cards in this card wall.
  5. Title Bar - Click anywhere in the title bar to collapse the card wall. Drag and drop it to rearrange the order of the card walls. 
  6. Hours & Points – The estimated hours and total story points for all cards in this card wall will appear in the right corner of the title bar. 
  7. Collapse Icon - Click the small black triangle to collapse one of the lists in the card wall. 
  8. List Title – The title of the list as it appears in the card wall. 
  9. Add Card Button - Click the + to add a card to this list or convert a ticket to a card. 
  10. List Card Count – The total number of cards in the list. 
  11. List Bar - Click in the whitespace to drag lists and rearrange them within a card wall. A list cannot move to another card wall. 
  12. Cards List – All the cards currently in this list, in the same order as they appear in the card wall.

    If there are no cards in the list, the text "Drop cards here to assign them to this list," will show.


Viewing Cards

Each list in the card wall can include 0 or more cards, which will display as follows: 

  1. Card Color. 
  2. Priority.
  3. Subtask indicator – Clicking this will open the card to the Subtasks tab. 
  4. Title – Clicking this will open the card to the Details tab. 
  5. Tags. 
  6. Responsible resource(s).
  7. Estimated hours. 
  8. Percent Complete. 
  9. Story Points. 

Cards can be moved around the backlog manager by dragging them between lists, either within the same card wall or across multiple. You can also move them using the arrow buttons at the top of the page. 


Resources Sidebar

Tucked against the right margin of the page is the Resources sidebar, which allows you to view available resources and assign them to cards as needed. Each resource tile in the sidebar includes the resource's total assigned cards, estimated hours, and story points. Click the Calendar icon for each resource to view the resource's schedule report. 

Once open, you can click on a card to highlight its resources or click on a resource to highlight their cards. You can also drag a resource tile onto a card to assign the resource, according to the assignment options at the top of the sidebar. 


Totals Sidebar

The Totals sidebar is also found against the right margin of the page. Click the Totals button to expand the sidebar. The totals are summarized for each card wall in the Backlog Manager. This sidebar is also included in the card wall view, where it summarizes by list. The sidebar only includes cards in active lists.


Quick Walkthrough of the Backlog Manager [Video]

This video will walk you through: 

  • Setting up the Backlog Manager
  • Building and maintaining sprints and backlogs
  • Assigning and managing resources
  • Understanding workloads in each card wall


Card Wall and Backlog Manager Security Role Permissions

To access a card wall in backlog manager or card wall, a user must be a project manager or resource on a project that has a card wall project plan.  

All other permissions are as follows:

Boards / Plans

  • Create: Security Role Permission "Add Plans"
  • Edit: Security Role Permission "Edit Plans"
  • Delete: Security Role Permission "Delete Plans"


  • Create: Project Manager for the Project
  • Edit: Project Manager for the Project
  • Deactivate: Project Manager for the Project


  • Create: Security Role Permission: "Add Tasks"
  • Edit: Security Role Permission: "Update Tasks"
  • Delete: Security Role Permissions: "Delete Tasks
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