Active Projects Searches


This report displays project details, allows you to choose which project details to include in the report, and allows you to specify how they should be ordered. To access this report, navigate to Analysis and choose Active Projects Search in the left navigator (under the Project Searches heading).

There are three tabs in which to specify the report search criteria:

  1. Standard Fields - Lets you enter default project search criteria.
  2. Custom Fields - Allows you to enter search criteria based on your company's custom project attributes.
  3. Layout - This will display two selection boxes titled "Unselected Columns" and "Selected Columns". Select which project detail fields to include in your report by highlighting the desired fields (hold the CTRL key or click and drag to select multiple fields) then clicking the right arrow button. Do the opposite to exclude fields from the report. Choose the order for the selected project details to display in the report by highlighting one project detail in the "Selected Columns" box and moving it up or down with the up or down buttons. The first field in the "Selected Columns" box will display first, the next field will be displayed second, etc.
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