Resource Allocation Report


This report displays the scheduled hours per month for each functional role that was scheduled on a project or workspace for the date range specified, broken down by project or workspace. The start date will be 12:00 AM of the first day of the start date month. The end date will be 11:59 PM of the last day of the end date month.

Where to Find This

This feature appears in TDNext in the Analysis application and the Resource Management application. In both applications, it will be located within the navigation on the left side of the screen.

Navigate to this report following this path:

  • TDNext > Analysis > Resource Reports
  • TDNext > Resource Management > Standard Reports

Using the Resource Allocation Report

Project Rows

Each project row will display the project name, active status, project ID, composite score (Score), composite score percent (Score %), project type, acct/dept and manager. Also displayed are the number of scheduled hours for each month in the date range specified. If you expand a project row, each functional role that is scheduled on the project will be displayed. If you uncheck the box by a project name, the data for that project will not be included in the "Role Capacity" section.

Functional Role Rows

The functional role rows will show the scheduled hours for each month in the date range specified.

Primary is based off of the resources' primary functional roles. Assigning a person to a project or workspace as a secondary functional role will not add total primary hours to that functional role in the report.

Role Capacity

In this section, each functional role that is scheduled on a project or workspace is displayed. For each functional role in this section, the total current availability is displayed for each month in the date range. Note that functional role availability is calculated based upon primary functional roles.

If you expand a functional role in the "Role Capacity" section, you will see the Allocated (Scheduled) hours and Primary (Availability) hours for each month in the specified date range.


  • Allocated (Scheduled) = (Total Scheduled Hours for the period/month)
  • Primary (Availability) = The sum of (Workable Hours -> as specified in the person's user profile) x (Number of weekdays in the period/month) for each resource with this role as their primary functional role.


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