Time Detail Report


This report displays the billable hours, non-billable hours, total hours, cost amount, bill amount, and margin for each of your company's client accounts for the specified date range. The report is driven by time and expenses entered in the date range specified. Time and expenses do not have to be approved or submitted to be included in this report, only entered.

Where to Find This

The Time Detail Report is located within TDNext, in the Finance application, under the Standard Reports section.

Using the Time Detail Report

There are four ways to roll up this report

  • By Account, Project, Time Type, Person
  • By Account, Project, Task|Issue, Person
  • By Account, Project, Resource Pool, Time Type, Person
  • By Resource Pool, Account, Project, Time Type, Person


  • Cost Amount = (Total Hours) x (Person's Cost Rate -> as specified in the person's user profile)
  • Bill Amount = (Billable Hours) x (Person's Bill Rate -> as specified on the project or ticket)
  • Margin (Negatives shown in parentheses) = (Bill Amount) - (Cost Amount)


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