Project Status Report


This report provides a project management status report for the selected project

Where to Find This

This feature appears in TDNext in the Projects. It will be located within the navigation on the left side of the screen.

Navigate to this report following this path:

  • TDNext > Projects > Reports > Status Reports

Using the Report

First select the name of the project from the dropdown and check the options you wish to display, then click the Run Report button. 

This report displays the following details for a project in your company for the specified date range:

  • Milestones (Completed or that should have been completed for the period)
  • Tasks Completed (During the period)
  • Active Tasks (Tasks started before the period end date that are not complete)
  • Overdue Tasks (Tasks whose end date is before today and the percent complete is less than 100%)
  • Open Issues
  • Closed Issues (During the period)
  • Open Risks
  • Closed Risks (During the period)
  • Events (During the period)
  • Upcoming Events (In the next 7 Calendar days)
  • Time Reported By Project (During the period)


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Fri 8/5/22 6:47 PM