Plan(s) Summary Report


This report is an amalgamation of key project metrics, such as Total Estimated and Actual Hours. It is also possible to select a single project for analysis. The report displays the following details for the selected project(s):

  • Starts (Earliest Task Start Date)
  • Ends (Latest Task End Date)
  • Duration (Duration from earliest plan start date to latest plan end date)
  • % Days Used
  • (Total) Estimated Hours
  • (Total) Actual Hours
  • Hours Over/Under (Estimated Hours - Actual Hours)
  • Hours Used (Actual Hours / Estimated Hours)
  • Estimated Percent Complete (of all plans)
  • Total Tasks
  • Open Tasks
  • Completed Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Milestones Complete

Only active, unclosed projects with project plans are included in this report.

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