Plan(s) Summary Report


This report is an amalgamation of key project metrics, such as Total Estimated and Actual Hours. It is also possible to select a single project for analysis.

Where to Find This

This feature appears in TDNext in the Projects application. It will be located within the navigation on the left side of the screen.

Navigate to this report following this path:

  • TDNext > Projects  > Standard Plan Reports

Using the Plan(s) Summary Report

The report displays the following details for the selected project(s):

  • Starts (Earliest Task Start Date)
  • Ends (Latest Task End Date)
  • Duration (Duration from earliest plan start date to latest plan end date)
  • % Days Used
  • (Total) Estimated Hours
  • (Total) Actual Hours
  • Hours Over/Under (Estimated Hours - Actual Hours)
  • Hours Used (Actual Hours / Estimated Hours)
  • Estimated Percent Complete (of all plans)
  • Total Tasks
  • Open Tasks
  • Completed Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Milestones Complete

Only active, unclosed projects with project plans are included in this report.

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