Top Scored Requests Report


This report displays the scored project requests sorted by highest score to lowest score. To be included in this report, a project requests needs to have been evaluated and scored. The project request name links are links to that project request's detail page.


  • Score = (Project Request Criteria Value / Project Request Criteria's Max Value) x (Project Request Criteria's Percent Of Value) -> This calculation is done for each project request criteria, then these values are totaled to get the Score value. Project request criteria and values are defined in TDAdmin and set in the project request Scorecard section.
  • IRR (Internal Rate of Return) = i that occurs when NPV is set to 0.
  • NPV (Net Present Value) =

    Ct is the cash flow at a given period t. i is the project request discount rate (defaults to 10%).
  • ROI (Return On Investment) =

    Vi is the initial investment, or the cost, of the project request while Vf is the final value of the investment, or the project request estimated income per period multipled by the number of project request periods.


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