Ticket Aging Report


This help page is for the canned (out-of-the-box) Tickets Aging Report in a TeamDynamix ticketing application. The report shows in TDNext >  Apps Menu > [Ticketing Application] > Standard Reports > Ticket Aging Report. There is also desktop version of this report for any TDNext ticketing application or the main TDNext Desktop (for users with access to at least one ticketing application). The desktop version of the report is named Overdue Tickets Aging Chart. These are not custom-built reports using the report builder interface.

This report shows the number of open or in process tickets at each priority level that were due or created in the following periods:

  • > 90 Days - Due or created over 90 days ago.
  • 61 - 90 Days - Due or created 61 - 90 days ago.
  • 31 - 60 Days - Due or created 31 - 60 days ago.
  • 16 - 30 Days - Due or created 16 - 30 days ago.
  • < 16 Days - Due or created less than 16 days ago.

If you check the "Overdue" box in the search criteria, the report will be run based on ticket due dates. If you leave the "Overdue" checkbox unchecked in the search criteria, the report will be run based on ticket creation dates.


If you click a ticket priority level in the chart, the page will be redirected to the Ticket Search page. The Ticket Search will be run for open and in process tickets with the specified ticket priority level and the specified due date or created date period, depending on how you run the Ticket Aging report.

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