Use Reports to Find Closed Project Information

This article will help users to locate closed projects. The user must have the access to either the Projects or Analysis application in TDNext.


It is possible to find closed projects and review the associated artifacts including documents, time, expenses, and plans using a custom project report.

Where to Find This

This feature appears in TDNext interface and is where is in the Analysis and Projects application.

Using the Analysis Active Project Search to find Closed Projects

To locate closed projects in Analysis:

  1. Access the Project Searches > Active Project Search.
  2. Open the Filter option and expand the Options to include Closed Projects.
  3. Apply the change if no other filters need adjusted.

Results will now appear that include Closed projects.

Using the Project Report to Find Closed Projects

To configure a project report to show closed projects:

  1. From the Projects application click the + New button and select Report.
  2. Select the Project Report source.
  3. Give the report a meaningful name.
  4. You can leave the default column information.
  5. Scroll down to filters.
  6. In the first filter row, click the Column dropdown and select Status Name.
  7. Select the Operator is not one of.
  8. In the Value(s) dropdown, select all status names that indicate that a project is still open, leaving the cancelled and completed values unselected.
  9. Click the Save and Run button at the top.
  10. Locate the desired project in the report results.
  11. Click on the project name to access all the information associated with the project.

You will only be able to find projects that you already have permission to access.

Using the Project Application Find Closed Projects

To find closed projects in the Projects application, in which you manage:

  1. From the Projects application click the Manage Projects section
  2. Select the appropriate Active or Inactive filter.
  3. Click the Search button at the top.

You will only be able to find projects that in which you are listed as a project manager.

How do you find a closed project you are working on? By the end of this video, you will know how to:

  • Find closed projects
  • Review artifacts from closed projects
  • Analysis
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