Working with Article to Service Relationships

This introduction article will help content editors and service owners to manage the relationships between articles and services. The user must have permission to edit the related article or the related service in order to modify an article to service relationship. 


Articles and Services or Service Offerings can be related to each other in the client portal, as defined by an article author or service owner. When viewing an article, service or service offering detail page, the related services/service offerings or articles will display in the right side panel. Each relationship can also be configured so that a related service or service offering can be requested directly from the Article Detail page. 

Where to Find This

This feature appears in the TDClient interface, within the Knowledge Base and Service Catalog sections

Navigate to Article to Service Relationships following these paths:

  • TDClient > Knowledge Base > [Article Details] > Edit Article > Related Services tab
  • TDClient > Services > [Service Details] > Edit Service > Related Articles tab
  • TDClient > Services > [Service Offering Details] > Edit Service Offering > Related Articles tab

Defining Article to Service Relationships

Relationships can exist between an article and a service or service offering in the client portal. When editing both articles and services/service offerings, you can view and modify these relationships. If the Display Request Service Button option is enabled on the relationship, the same Request Service button as is displayed on the Service or Service Offering Details page will also display on the Article Details page.  

Follow these steps to define an article to service relationship:

  1. Navigate to the article or service/service offering that will be in the relationship. 
  2. Edit the article/service and select the Related Services/Articles tab. 
  3. Click Add to define a new relationship.
  4. Select the related Services/Articles you want to add. 
  5. If you want the Service/Service Offering to display on the Article Details page, toggle Display Request Service Button to Yes for that relationship. 
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