How to Import Tickets


You are able to upload multiple tickets at once into TeamDynamix by using the Ticket Import tool. This can be performed in a TDNext ticketing application by locating the  (Gear) on the right-most side of the gray header bar and selecting Ticket Import from the list of actions. For versions 9.4.1-, this action is located in the + New menu.

With this functionality, you are able to supply information for multiple tickets via an Excel spreadsheet. A template spreadsheet can be downloaded from the first page for this import process.

When providing information, each ticket must have the following items provided:

  • Title
  • Requestor
  • Acct/Dept
  • Ticket Type

Other information such as Classification, Service, and a variety of Custom Attributes can optionally be supplied for these tickets. If a classification is not supplied for a ticket, it will automatically be classified as an incident. Likewise, any ticket that has not been supplied with priority or status will automatically be assigned the default priority or status, respectively. After uploading the spreadsheet, you can continue to click the Next button and follow the instructions on the screen to ensure that all of the supplied tickets are created

Required Permissions

To import tickets, a user must:

  1. Have access to the TDNext application.
  2. Have access to a ticketing application.
  3. Have the ticketing application security role permission for The user will be able to bulk-import tickets.

Other Notes

The ticket import process can take a long time to run if there are a very large volume of tickets to create. In this case, we recommend running multiple imports with different spreadsheets. This makes it easier to tell the cause of any errors that may arise and is more likely to run successfully.

Ticket automation rules for creation will not be applied to imported tickets.

In addition, to prevent large numbers of emails from being sent, notifications for created tickets will not be sent to the requestor, responsible resource(s), or reviewing resource(s).
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