Differences between the Analysis and Projects/Workspaces Projects reports


When reporting on projects, users are able to create Project Reports in both the Analysis and Projects/Workspaces applications. However, the results that are returned in these reports vary depending on the user who is running the report. The following sections detail the expected report behavior for each application.


When running a Project Report created in Analysis, users may not see all Projects that match the filtering criteria. This is dependent on whether or not the user has the View All Accts/Depts permission on their security role. If the user has this permission, then they will be able to see all projects returned by the Analysis report. Otherwise, only projects with an Acct/Dept to which the current user belongs will be returned.


Similar to the Analysis version, Project Reports created through the Projects/Workspaces application will display different results depending on the user who is running the report. However, Analysis determines the results based upon the user's security role permissions. On the other hand, Projects/Workspaces Project results are determined by project membership. Only users who have one of the following associations with a project will be able to see it in the results:

  • Project Managers
  • Alternate Project Managers
  • Project Resources

It is worth noting that projects where the user is a Stakeholder will not be returned in this version of the report.

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