Configuring Email Replies

This how-to article will help Administrators to configure email reply services using the TDAdmin interface. The user must be an Administrator within TDAdmin.


This article describes how to configure email replies in TeamDynamix. Email replies can be configured in one place for the whole TeamDynamix environment, or they can be customized for each application. For each place where email replies are configured, the system will read emails and process them as replies for all work items in any of the TeamDynamix applications. 

For more information on setting up the email service, see the Getting Started with Email Service article. 

Where to Find This

Email Replies can be found in the following locations: 

  • Organization-level: TDAdmin > Email > Email Replies
  • Application-level:
    • TDAdmin > Applications > [Ticketing Application] > Email > Email Replies 
    • TDAdmin > Applications > [Client Portal Application] > Email > Email Replies 
    • TDAdmin > Applications > [Asset/CI Application] > Email > Email Replies 

Configuring the Organization-level Email Replies Monitor

To configure the organization-level email replies monitor: 

  1. In TDAdmin click Email > Email Replies link in the left navigation.
  2. Fill in the required fields as follows:
    • Check the Enable reply-by-email tokens checkbox.
      • This enables the system to generate reply-by-email tokens when sending notifications. 
    • Fill in the System Reply To Email field.
      • Notifications will use this as the reply-to address. This does not have to be the same email address that the replies monitor reads from – you can use rules in your email server to move the emails to another mailbox if required. 
    • Check the Enable email replies monitoring checkbox.
      • This enables the email reply monitoring service
    • Select an auth account from the Auth Account dropdown.
      • This determines which mailbox will be monitored and how the system will connect to it. See Email Authentication Accounts to learn more.
      • Suggestion: with Auth Accounts, you can setup 1 Auth Account that is used for Email Replies and Monitor. In order to make it work, you will need to Generate Tokens for each email address you use for Email Replies or Email Monitor. Especially setting up at the Application Level of a Ticketing application.
    • Fill in the Monitored Folder Name, Processed Folder Name and Unsuccessful Folder Name fields.
      • Emails will be read from the Monitored folder and moved to Processed if successfully processed, or unsuccessful if an error occurs
    • Enter an Error To Email that will be notified if the email service errors. 
    • Fill in the TD Username and TD Password fields for the TeamDynamix User account that the email service will use to update tickets.
  3. Select the remaining optional processing settings as desired.
  4. Click the Save button. The email reply monitor will now begin processing replies.

Configuring Application-level Email Replies Monitors

Each application can also have its own Email Replies monitor. The application-level settings allow you to override the organization-level settings for each application by setting "How should email replies be handled?" to "Use custom email reply settings for this application". Once this is done, the same fields appear as on an organization-level email monitor. 

Application-level Email Replies are located at TDAdmin > Applications > [Application Name] > Email > Email Replies. 

If you choose "Use custom email reply settings for this application" but do not populate the rest of the custom settings the system will NOT default back to the "Use the email reply settings configures at the organizational level".  If you leave your settings this way the resulting function will be that communications going out from this ticketing application will not carry the reply tokens and instead replying to that email will direct the customer to reply to the responsible email directly.  It will not pass back through TDX or be written into the ticket feed.

Gotchas & Pitfalls

When configuring the email reply service, ensure that a TD User has been created before you begin this configuration as it is a required field.  It is recommended this is a generic user account used only for email services to easily identify updates on tickets. Be sure to give the User account being used for email replies access to the TDNext, Ticketing app(s), Projects, and People application.

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