Cannot Get WebHook to Fire

Hello, please see below. I follow the steps in the KB article Triggering IPaaS from TeamDynamix Webhooks.  However, I am clearly missing a configuration step, and I cannot get the webhook to fire.

The IPaaS application is "UO Communication," and the flow is UO Communication Web Hook Control (which is just a stub).

Can you tell me what I am missing?

Thanks, Tevis

Asked by Tevis Boulware on Wed 6/5/24 12:20 PM
I have checked that the connector has the correct permissions for the ticketing application and verified the credentials for the connector. - Tevis Boulware Wed 6/5/24 12:22 PM
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Answer (1)

David Tod Wed 6/5/24 12:26 PM

What does the log on the Ticketing application say?

No feedback
"Recent Executions (0)".

I think I am missing a small implementation detail but can't seem to find it.
- Tevis Boulware Wed 6/5/24 12:30 PM
That would be the issue. Is the webhook configured for update, create, delete, and is it in the same application as the ticket!? - David Tod Wed 6/5/24 12:33 PM
All the Events are selected, and the ticket was created in the same application as the Ticketing Application. - Tevis Boulware Wed 6/5/24 12:38 PM
Even if the ipaas part was completely hosed and misconfigured, the webhook should run as long as it's active, in the appropriate application, and the events are enabled. - David Tod Wed 6/5/24 12:48 PM
This is a bigger problem. I looked at some of the other webhooks in other applications and it appears none of them are firing.

Should I submit a ticket?
- Tevis Boulware Wed 6/5/24 12:49 PM
I would say so! I'm not a TDX employee. Our webhook stopped firing at around 12:20 - David Tod Wed 6/5/24 12:50 PM
It looks like the last time our webhooks where firing was 4/11. - Tevis Boulware Wed 6/5/24 12:54 PM