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Hey TD staff,


How do I add people to a 'Responsible' field again on the forms?

The users are already in the application field, tech rights, and respective groups, but when I try to assign a tech to a 'responsible' field they don't appear.

Asked by Alex Chang on Tue 6/4/24 7:41 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/24 9:35 AM

Hi Alex,

Is this for a ticketing application? What is the ID of the application?

Are you trying to assign based on a group or based on a named individual?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark, ID #129, based on a named individual please - Alex Chang Wed 6/5/24 10:27 AM
That individual for sure has been granted access to that ticketing app? - Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/24 10:28 AM
Sorry forgot to mention yes, it's for a ticketing application - Alex Chang Wed 6/5/24 10:30 AM
Yeah they've been granted access to the ticketing app - Alex Chang Wed 6/5/24 10:30 AM
Have you refreshed your session of TDX since adding them to ensure you picked up the change of them having access to that ticket app?

What ticket are you trying to assign them to?
- Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/24 10:33 AM
Yes I've refreshed and logged out of TDNext. Logged back in and any unassigned ticket, if I click on it, and go to assign a 'Responsible' user, it only shows the group rather than the individual users. - Alex Chang Wed 6/5/24 10:38 AM
How are you attempting to search for users? Are you using the type-ahead field or are you trying to use the page brought up when you click the magnifying glass button on the right end of the search field? - Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/24 10:41 AM
Both are not displaying the "assigned" individuals.
In the type-ahead field I'm getting 5 users to select from (none of which are the ones I'm trying to assign)
in the magnifying glass button, I'm getting 7 users.
However, both options are not displaying the main 3 people I want to select from.
- Alex Chang Wed 6/5/24 10:44 AM
To be clear: are you actually *typing* anything into the type-ahead field, or simply clicking into it?

You only have 9 users added to that application, but they are not all marked as an employee according to the "This user is an employee" setting on their TDAdmin account record.
- Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/24 10:46 AM
Oh that was it, thank you! They weren't marked as employees - Alex Chang Wed 6/5/24 10:48 AM
The lookups (both type-ahead and the lookup page itself) do not default to searching for non-employees. You have to mark the users as employees to locate them in those pages or change the lookup page's filter to include non-imployees. - Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/24 10:50 AM
Understood, thanks for your help! - Alex Chang Wed 6/5/24 10:51 AM