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IT is attempting to set this up so "from" email comes from our domain following this KB Article - Sending Mail Via A Microsof... (

  1. When setting up the connector do we want to retain exchange email headers? What is the impact?
  2. Do we need to create a DNS SPF Record?
  3. Is best practice for this "from" address to be the same as the "reply to" address?
Asked by Dan Burnett on Tue 6/4/24 6:29 PM
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Dan Burnett Wed 6/5/24 3:34 PM

Thanks Mark!

Keeping email headers is not default. I think the concern is that leaving them on may trigger a junk filter if one entity (TWU) is sending email on behalf of another entity (TDX). Thanks for the quick response.


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I'd probably go with whatever is the default then since the article doesn't spell it out specifically. Usually when we don't specify a setting per se in something like this, it means the default is likely the best option so we didn't bother writing that in. - Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/24 3:55 PM

Mark Sayers Wed 6/5/24 9:08 AM

Hello Dan,

  1. I don't think our article has any instructions about the headers so I'd assume you would just keep them (that is the default isn't it?).
  2. This may depend on how strict your security settings are. I'd try doing it if you can. Otherwise just be aware of the article's stated symptoms of what could happen if it is not added.
  3. Yes, that would be ideal, because some mail clients have troubles picking up valid reply-to headers and instead when you reply to an email it sends the response back to the From address. This way, in either case the reply goes back to the same/correct address for handling replies to TDX Notifications.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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