iPaaS workflow connector setup/settings

I am very new to iPaaS given the question I am about to ask. 

I am trying to create a flow that pulls data from a form. I have created the form. I added the connector 'TDX Common: Lookup TDX Users'. This connector shows my fields created on the form so I think I'm close but can't find information that I understand. 

I want to collect and verify information, I want to grab the persons email address and ID number (the ID can be null), and I want to find them in my people app, then use their first name last name to verify I have the right person and make them the requestor. I am currently stuck on the input/output and credentials. I have read every KB about credentials and still am not sure if or what I'm supposed to put in there for this connector. Where can I go to find out how to do this?

Please help

Asked by Justin Goode on Tue 6/4/24 1:46 PM Last edited Tue 6/4/24 1:47 PM
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David Tod Wed 6/5/24 8:24 AM

On the form configuration page, if you have SAML set up.

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ok, I have that option in the form configuration, I know we use SSO for the main TDX platform. I also read about needing SAML in the auth methods under connectors. Is that I assume where I would set it up for iPaaS?
I wasn't planning on using a required claim name, but I did want to grab like the email address and name and their School ID. I wanted to try to find the exact name attributes. I wasn't the person who set up our SSO so that is also a trail I am chasing. Again, thank you, your input has been awesome.
- Justin Goode Wed 6/5/24 3:12 PM

David Tod Tue 6/4/24 3:38 PM

Is the form an iPaaS form? If so, one way that can help is to have authentication on the form and collect attributes that way, but if you're relying on user-entered data, you'll probably have to do a search of users first, and then do a get user based on the result. It just depends on what data is sent to your flow. When you update a ticket, you typically need the unique ID of the user.

You can try the Lookup TDX Users action - see screenshot:

Then patch the ticket with the result

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This is great information thank you, this would be an iPaaS form. How do I do authentication on the form?, or at least where should I look for that explanation. Thank you so much, I have further understanding and an option to pursue. - Justin Goode Tue 6/4/24 4:20 PM

Mark Sayers Tue 6/4/24 2:23 PM

Hi Justin,

Have you seen this KB article here? https://solutions.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1965/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=138876

About starting iPaaS flows from a form.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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So that does talk about pulling the information into the flow. Which is good, but I am also trying to verify the person entering the data with the people app in tdx which I read I needed to use a connector. If I can do this another way I am all ears, I am just having troubles finding information. - Justin Goode Tue 6/4/24 3:06 PM