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I'm doing a web service (https://support.einsteinmed.edu/TDAdmin/EC907A1C-A5B8-423A-B989-B2165ED67FDF/2739/WebServiceMethods/Index/#/4346/edit) to create a ticket from IT ticketing to HPC ticketing.  It failed.  https://support.einsteinmed.edu/TDAdmin/ec907a1c-a5b8-423a-b989-b2165ed67fdf/2739/WebServiceLogs/Details/2100668.  

Do I need to do a get?  Or do I need to use "from workflow"?  I also changed the UserName to a regular attribute.

Asked by Sheila McBride on Fri 5/24/24 1:13 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 5/28/24 9:39 AM

Hello Sheila,

I think this sort of question is likely to require more technical analysis than a normal question, so it would be better to submit as a support ticket formally rather than try to address in the public questions forum.

Can you put that in so we can help troubleshoot?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

I had that thought as well. Will do.

- Sheila McBride Tue 5/28/24 9:41 AM