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What is the sort order for the Gantt chart that is viewable in the analysis tab in a portfolio or program. Is it alphabetical, first in first listed, random? Is this something we can control?

Asked by Andrew Martin on Wed 5/15/24 10:30 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 5/15/24 10:51 AM

Hello Andrew,

That page is alphabetical and currently not able to be controlled as far as the default sorting.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Mine is not sorted alphabetically by default, but I know see if I sort the projects in the program or portfolio by the tabular data above the gantt chart that the gantt chart also refreshed based on that sort. In a scenaior of usage like this it would be nice to have the ability to sort on multiple columns interactively. Like a custom sort in excel. Use case for this is fairly minimal thus I will not put in a request for enhancement, and only mention it if anyone else looks here. I accept your and my response to fulfill my need. Thank you - Andrew Martin Wed 5/15/24 12:56 PM
I mentioned that it is alphabetically sorted by default, and that is true, however if there are projects included in that program/portfolio that have numeric or special characters starting the name like parenthesis or similar, then it will be alpha-numerically sorted with the names that contain special characters/numbers listed first. - Mark Sayers Wed 5/15/24 1:25 PM
Thanks Mark, Not the experience I have in our tenant. If I open a new browser and navigate to a program the projects are not in alpha/numeric by the name visible on the page. There are blocks of them that appear in order. To test I renamed a project to start with a Z and it had no bearing on where it appeared by default. Using the sorting controls at the top of the tabular data it did change where that project appears properly. However; refreshing and coming back in that project appeared in the original wrong location that it had appeared previously. Guessing maybe there is a "name" of the project not visible on the page that the sort is being done on. Just sharing experience... not trying to be difficult as using the sort option is easy enough. We have been going through and applying new naming conventions to project over the last several months so this seems plausible. - Andrew Martin Wed 5/15/24 2:00 PM
Can you record your screen and provide a link to the recording so we can see what the behavior *does* appear to be doing for you? It will help in confirming exactly where you are and all the steps taken to get to that page if we can see it in a video. - Mark Sayers Wed 5/15/24 2:07 PM