Best Tool For Leaders To View All Work Per User

Our Leaders would like to work with each team member and review everything assigned to them, tickets, projects and tasks all in one place. I found the User Work Report, which is helpful but it will only show items that are in process. If they are On Hold or Waiting on Customer, they don't display in the list. What is the best tool to use to review this information for each user? Is creating a desktop for each user the best way to see everything in one place?

Asked by Rachel Renckly on Fri 5/10/24 1:58 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 5/10/24 4:05 PM

Creating a desktop is typically the best way to see all of this information, yes. It's good because you can assign the desktop to the technician in addition to their administrator so they both get a picture of what the person is currently assigned to.


Mark Sayers

Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thank you! - Rachel Renckly Fri 5/10/24 4:07 PM
You're very welcome! - Mark Sayers Fri 5/10/24 4:20 PM