Service Offering - (parent) service not correct in reporting

I'm working with service offerings - something relatively new to me.

I have a general service offering I set up in this way:
category = (none)
service = "General"
service offering = "Service Offering"

Looking at breadcrumbs in TDClient, I see the service offering under the correct service and not within a category. That is what I want to see.

Looking at service offerings in TDAdmin, I see the service offering under the correct service (though it is called "parent service") and not within a category. That is also what I want to see, service naming convention aside.

I then request the service offering in TDClient and a ticket is created.

When reporting on the ticket, the service category is "none" (yay!) but the service = "none" (boo!).

What am I missing in my setup or my reporting?

Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Fri 4/12/24 12:25 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 4/12/24 12:49 PM

Hi Greg,

Does your test ticket have a value filled out for the Service field currently? They are two separate fields which I am not 100% positive they are connected (meaning I don't know that the Service field populates automatically when you pick/enter a Service Offering field value.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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My ticket does not display a service field. In the past, for my services, I did not add the field because assigning the form to the service took care of that automatically. I thought it would be the same for offerings. I just created another ticket from an offering under a service that is *in* a service category. The category/service/offering are correct, but the service *not* in a category does not have the correct service name - it is "None". - Greg Van De Mark Fri 4/12/24 1:29 PM
I don't honestly know if that is "desired" behavior or not to tell the truth. Can you submit this as a ticket and I'll escalate it up to Product Management to review. - Mark Sayers Fri 4/12/24 1:52 PM
👍 - Greg Van De Mark Fri 4/12/24 1:58 PM
Incident #25272964 - Greg Van De Mark Fri 4/12/24 2:03 PM