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I have an onboarding workflow that has multiple conditions with steps. I have built this in a single workflow, but it is very busy. I am concerned if there needs to be an edit it will be challenging to figure out each later. Is there a way to create each conditional workflow as it's own workflow then link them?  In the example below it would be easier to manage each of the Role based workflows if they were on their own screen, otherwise the workflow gets very long with lots of branches. In addition, there are other workflows that trigger off the new hire being approved for other departments like facilities and IT for workstations, badge access, etc. 


Trigger: New Hire Approved by HR 

  • Does user require access to medical records system: 
    • Yes
      • New User Role 
        • Provider
          • Series of steps specific to creating a new provider
        • Dentist
          • Series of steps specific to creating a new Dentist
        • Clinical Support
          • Series of steps specific to creating new support staff
        • Admin Support
          • Series of steps specific to creating new admin support staff
        • Student
          • Series of steps specific to creating new student
        • Contractor
          • Series of steps specific to creating contractors
      • Send user credentials
      • Enroll in training
      • Complete onboarding and close
    • No
      • Ticket rejected 
Asked by Lorin Green on Wed 4/10/24 3:22 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 4/10/24 4:25 PM

Hello Lorin,

That could be one way to do it, however if there are a lot of centralized steps that do need to be taken regardless of which user role is applicable, it still might be valid to do them all in the same flow where you have the general steps all listed, but either at the beginning or at the end of those general steps you also conditionally check the user role and provide the applicable steps per role that are needed.

That way you wouldn't be replicating all those steps for every single role. I'd do as many things in one workflow as you can before making it assign another workflow, because you can't get any unfinished tasks/steps from a previous workflow back after it is changed.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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ok , I see where you are going. So maybe what I need to do is build the shared steps so that every request creates those tasks, then use a condition to branch off for the additional steps. I had previously used Jira, which kind of builds workflows in the opposite way.

Let me try this out and see if it makes the process more clear. There were just so many overlapping lines in the flow map that it was making maintenance of the flow seem impossible
- Lorin Green Wed 4/10/24 4:59 PM