Project Request Actual Hours vs Project Actual Hours


We want to start tracking the actual hours being spent during our intake assessment on project requests, but in testing it seems any hours tracked while the project is in request status stay with the project when it moves to being an active project. We're currently tracking project requests to our OPEX time type, and also use OPEX for active projects.

Is there a way to start fresh with active projects? We want to capture the metrics for actual hours on both requests and active projects but keep them separated. Maybe create a new time type for project requests; can the system report on actual hours filtered by time type?

Asked by Kim Rathbone on Wed 4/10/24 2:45 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 4/10/24 2:52 PM

Hi Kim,

The system should be able to report on actual hours from Analysis by time type, yes. So I was going to suggest definitely creating a specific time type (or copies of your time types) that are named in a way that indicate they are to be used while in the Request phase, so you can then report on those time types to see how much time was logged to it as a request vs when it was converted into a project.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thanks, Mark. I'm looking in Analysis now and I'm not seeing any options to report on or filter by time type; can you point me in the right direction for that option? - Kim Rathbone Wed 4/10/24 3:10 PM
You can start a custom Actual Hours report in Analysis. That kind of report can be filtered by Time Type. - Mark Sayers Wed 4/10/24 4:18 PM
I've created the custom report as you suggested, but I can't get the summary I'm looking for with it. Ideally, it would summarize all the actual hours for a project (filtered to the chosen active project time type) and not break it down any further than that. I've tried aggregating the hours to "sum" but that's still displaying multiple lines per project.
Is there a way to summarize the actual hours by time type to one line per project?
- Kim Rathbone Thu 4/11/24 1:32 PM
Which columns are you including in your report? - Mark Sayers Thu 4/11/24 1:36 PM
That answered my own question. I've stripped it down to just report on 1) Project/Workspace and 2) Hours (by sum) and added the time type filter. We want to compare it to baseline hours but I've created a Power BI report for that and I'll just use a couple of different TDx reports to create that analysis. Thanks for your help! - Kim Rathbone Thu 4/11/24 2:10 PM