Switching project type or project template halfway through a project


We've set up various project types and templates for our organization. Sometimes, we might need to switch the type or template while a project is ongoing. I know we can override settings from a template, which seems fine (applying another template might add options, but it most likely wouldn't remove existing options). But I'm unsure about what happens if we change the project type. Do we lose the settings linked to the original project type? Could this result in gaining or losing options?

Thank you.

Asked by Constantin de Boisseson on Tue 4/9/24 1:42 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 4/9/24 2:22 PM

Hello Constantin,

If you changed a project's Type, you'd retain any time types and custom attributes that had saved values and were associated with the old project Type.

As for the settings of the project, it will not forcibly change your project settings for you.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thank you. Does this mean we would also be able to use time types and customs attributes from the new type, or would it only allow us to select values from the original project type? - Constantin de Boisseson Tue 4/9/24 2:55 PM
It wouldn't bring the time types from the new project type over automatically, but you could add them to your plan tasks as needed.

Custom attributes associated with the new project type specifically *would* show up immediately upon changing the project type, and you do not lose custom attributes that have saved values that were associated with the old project type.
- Mark Sayers Tue 4/9/24 3:35 PM