Accessing Web Service Step Response Variables in a Notification Step in a Workflow

Hi there,

Is it possible to access a web services step stored response variable in a notification step for a workflow?

For example, I am pulling the assets assigned to tickets in a web services step and storing the response body in a variable called ticket_asset_response. Then, I can make another web services call to get details about an asset using that variable (by using ticket_asset_response.[0].ID).

Once that information is stored, let's say in a variable called asset_response, can I use it in a notification step later down the line? I tried it outright, but it didn't seem to populate with any information (e.g. {{asset_response.ProductModelName}}). I know that custom attributes for a ticket can be used with tags:
 {{#CustomAttributes}}{{Name}}: {{Value}}{{/CustomAttributes}}

so I was curious if there was a tag for using workflow variables.

Asked by Emiko Bell on Fri 4/5/24 1:28 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 4/5/24 1:31 PM

Hi Emiko,

Unfortunately the response contents from a web service step is not accessible from a notification step, no.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thanks for the response, Mark! I think I have a workaround by storing the response variables that I want in the ticket via an API call then. - Emiko Bell Fri 4/5/24 1:34 PM