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I am in the process of creating a 'one stop shop' for our student help desk staff in a TD desktop.  I've pulled in everything I am looking for so far successfully.  One question I have that I can't get to seem to work as expected is adding a link to our Teams site and to their portal for payroll.  Is that something that I can easily do that I am just missing?

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Asked by Randi Buckley on Fri 4/5/24 1:03 PM
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David Tod Fri 4/5/24 1:11 PM

I would view the source and validate the HTML. Probably something silly like a quotation mark out of place.

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Interestingly, everything appears to be ok. I will keep trying.
Thank you for the suggestions!!!
- Randi Buckley Fri 4/5/24 1:43 PM

David Tod Fri 4/5/24 1:06 PM

One way I've done it is creating an HTML module at the top level of TDAdmin under Desktop Templates > HTML Modules. In that context, you can create an HTML module that is available to TDNext.

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Hi David!
I tried that but when the students click on the links nothing happens. Perhaps I am missing something simple.
- Randi Buckley Fri 4/5/24 1:09 PM