Is there a way to delete Maintenance activites and Workflow tasks?

We're cleaning out our test tickets and don't want to orphan the tasks. I opened the ticket and deleted all tasks but this only removes the ticket tasks.


Asked by Shauna Busse on Wed 3/20/24 10:05 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 3/20/24 10:08 AM

Hi Shauna,

You should be able to remove the workflow to remove any of those tasks. This is done via the Actions button on the ticket.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,
This didn’t work for me
Change 1280206 – Removed workflow then deleted all tasks. Workflow tasks are still there.
Change 1262156 – Deleted all tasks then removed workflow. Workflow tasks are still there.

- Shauna Busse Wed 3/20/24 10:26 AM
The workflow tasks are still where specifically? In the Tasks section of the ticket?

If yes, is it just the ones that ended up marked 100 complete?
- Mark Sayers Wed 3/20/24 10:38 AM
yes in the Tasks section
1262156 - has completed and uncompleted tasks
- Shauna Busse Wed 3/20/24 12:08 PM
I believe if you just deleted the ticket it would also delete all associated tasks that had been created for it. In your cleanup efforts were you just deleting tickets? Or only closing them out? - Mark Sayers Wed 3/20/24 12:17 PM
I didn't want to orphan tasks so I haven't tried deleting the ticket. - Shauna Busse Wed 3/20/24 12:23 PM
Tasks don't exist outside of the context of the ticket they were created on, so deleting the ticket would delete any tasks that had been created for it. The only things that would be orphaned in any way would be potential time or expense entries that got created against those tickets, as they do not "live" on the ticket, they live in the T&E system and are only associated with the ticket if created that way. - Mark Sayers Wed 3/20/24 12:28 PM
Thanks Mark, I deleted the ticket and that deleted maintenance activities, ticket tasks and workflows - Shauna Busse Wed 3/20/24 12:30 PM