Where can I find Projects created from tickets?

Someone converted a ticket to a project and we cannot find the project. Where should I be able to find it? 

Asked by Alex Oquendo on Wed 3/20/24 9:15 AM
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Brittany Renn Wed 3/20/24 9:45 AM

Hi Alex, 

You should be able to view all of your organizations Projects in TDAdmin > Projects > Projects. If you know when the ticket was converted, I'd look at the Projects created around that same time. The project in question should have a feed post indicating that it was converted from a ticket. 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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I checked and it is not there. If they selected Convert to Project Request would it go somewhere else? I can't find the ticket and not sure what happened if it is not a project. - Alex Oquendo Wed 3/20/24 9:51 AM
No, if it was converted into a Project Request, it would be located in TDAdmin > Portfolio Planning > Project Requests. - Brittany Renn Wed 3/20/24 9:54 AM