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We currently utilize Adobe Sign to send forms to our users to sign a form that states they received a piece of technology equipment and that they will be fully responsible for it. Is there a way to implement this type of "check out" process within our TDX system? We want to move away from the annual cost of Adobe Sign for all of our technicians.

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Asked by Thomas Dominguez on Thu 3/14/24 1:51 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 3/14/24 2:55 PM

Hello Thomas,

What sorts of acknowledgements are they signing in Adobe Sign that they couldn't "represent" by checking a box on a TDX request form? Or else if you use workflows, create a Choice step assigned to the Requestor that they must click to acknowledge their understanding/agreement to that clause of the technology acceptance conditions.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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We send out a form when we deploy a device that contains this information:

-Item Name
-Serial Number
-Physical Asset Tag Number
-Device Type

And then there's additional optional fields:

-Cell Phone #

We already have all this information in our asset management section of TDX. We just want to get away from the Adobe Sign portion and move to TDX to "check out" an item and show that it a user "signed off" on them receiving the actual device. I have a copy of the form as well, if you would like to get an idea of what we're sending to our users.
- Thomas Dominguez Thu 3/14/24 3:02 PM
Probably the best way to do this would potentially be to build it as an iPaaS form that can go and get the asset information and asks the user to input those pieces of information if they're signing off for a specific asset. Otherwise you'd have to have a workflow that can relay this information in some way to them if the device they're going to check out isn't something that's known at the point of requesting it. - Mark Sayers Thu 3/14/24 3:29 PM
Got it. Thank you for all your help! I will relay this to our tech that handles the administration side of our TDX system. - Thomas Dominguez Thu 3/14/24 3:30 PM