Send notification based on form entries.


We have a department who wants to automatically send a notification with information rather than work a the ticket.  In this case, they want to offer a link (or links) to instructions when people check the right box.  Or boxes.

I have an workflow started, but how can I get the notification body to include certain information based on the form response?

I looked at Webservices, but this is a new ticketing app.  How do I make it see the organization-level webservice settings?

Seems like a job for iPaaS, but I am getting that we are not configured for that.  I'll ask Carrie about that later today.  In the meantime, if there another kind of workflow step that might work?



Asked by Sheila McBride on Mon 2/26/24 1:23 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 2/26/24 2:22 PM

Hello Sheila,

I think I'd need to know more precisely what scenario you want to support via workflows before I could advise if that might be possible in a Notification type step.

So like : If user clicks This and That in the form during creation, I want a Notification step to tell them "X"...

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

Yes, your scenario is perfect. Specifically, we want to provide instructions when people say "how do I?" without it going to the tech at all. I guess I could make a bunch of condition=>notification statements.

But I'd like to say, you checked off that you need instructions for A, B, and E. So we'll send an email that has links to the content for A, B, and E. They want to use their department website, but I guess I could push it to be a KB.

- Sheila McBride Mon 2/26/24 3:08 PM
Yes conditions that then lead to Notifications would be the way I'd have envisioned this taking place in a ticket workflow situation. - Mark Sayers Mon 2/26/24 3:44 PM