Disable or Suspend Sandbox Ticket Emails?

Hi there,

We've been doing some testing in our Sandbox environment with bulk importing Issues into a Workspace. Unfortunately, this is sending email notifications to those that have an Issue assigned to them that is being updated. This led to discussions about our Sandbox environment sending email notifications in general - is there a way to disable outbound email notifications in the Sandbox? I browsed through the Outbound Email Auth Accounts and Outbound Email Settings in the Sandbox TDAdmin but it won't let me "break" the email account to suspend it from sending mail.


Thank you for your time!

Asked by Brian Hoang on Mon 2/26/24 10:26 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 2/26/24 11:37 AM

Hello Brian,

There isn't a way to turn off outbound notifications unfortunately. You can connect it to a legitimate SMTP server though that just "goes nowhere" if you'd like. That SMTP server you connect it to would just be configured not to deliver mail to the desired mail addresses.

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