Display content of text area attribute in Ticket Created Template

I have created a ticket attribute which I am referring to by Attribute ID in the following code in a response to users.


 {{Name}} {{Value}} {{Text}} {{ID}} {{Description/Help}} 




The output is 

Name Name"Value" ID

What tag do I use to reference the text I have in the "Description/Help" box within the attribute? So that I can display it on the email response to the users?

I've tried: 

{{Data}} {{Description}} {{Help}} {{Description/Help}} {{Value}}  <-- none of these seem to call the data I'm looking for from the attribute.

I've also looked in the docs and didn't seem to see the answer lurking.

I have also tried both TextBox and a TextBox type of attribute.

Thanks much,


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Asked by Lewis Hollingworth on Fri 2/23/24 11:54 AM Last edited Fri 2/23/24 11:55 AM
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Answers (2)

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Brittany Renn Fri 2/23/24 12:25 PM

Hi Lewis, 

I'm not aware of a way to reference a custom attributes help text from within the context of a notification template currently. I would suggest submitting this as an Enhancement Request so this kind of feature can be considered for future versions. 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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David Tod Fri 2/23/24 12:30 PM

Worst case solution is to create a new text area attribute that no-one can see (hidden in portal and tdnext) with default text, and then use that.

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