Using Automation Rules to set SLA based on Ticket Priority

I have created an automation rule to automatically set the SLA on a ticket based on the priority. But I am noticing for ticket that are already in the system. When I Edit the ticket priority it does not auto change the to the new SLA . I need to go to Action and then reassign SLA . Is there any  way around this ?  

Asked by Keyon Farrier on Thu 2/22/24 4:45 PM
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Brittany Renn Thu 2/22/24 4:55 PM

Hi Keyon, 

Automation rules only apply when a new ticket is created, not when a ticket is edited, updated or commented on. Would that account for why the SLA isn't being applied to tickets that already existed? 

Brittany Renn
TDX Support

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That makes sense. Is there a recommendation on how we can automate the SLA setting based on Priority on existing tickets ? - Keyon Farrier Thu 2/22/24 5:03 PM
Since they're only dynamically applied to tickets at the point of creation, the only way to change that after creation is either by doing it manually, or else having iPaaS or some other similar system receive ticket webhooks of ticket updates, parse those results, and set an SLA for you.

You could also apply a workflow that periodically has a Condition step to check for the Priority of the ticket at certain points in the workflow's cycle, and then makes a web service step to PATCH the ticket and add an applicable SLA. I've never tested this specifically though, and the API documentation doesn't explicitly state that the SLAID is an editable property on a ticket object.
- Mark Sayers Fri 2/23/24 9:16 AM

David Tod Thu 2/22/24 8:02 PM

We use a webhook on "ticket changed" to iPaaS which validates and updates the SLA as needed.

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