Email Auth Account errors

Has anyone experienced continually getting 'Unable to authenticate to IMAP server []' errors in the email reply monitor. But when you regenerate the token and re-authenticate to the Email Replies mailbox, the error clears and emails begin processing again?

We have other email monitors to create tickets. Their Auth accounts use the same ID/secret as the reply auth account. We may see the authentication error once in a while in those monitors, but it doesn't disrupt processing.


Asked by Chuck Renninger on Fri 2/9/24 3:14 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 2/9/24 3:38 PM

Hi Chuck,

Usually when support is made aware of a client experiencing this it means somehow the access and/or refresh token of that monitor's auth account needs to be re-generated. I don't know if we have solid explanations for why one of those tokens can go bad without the actual app "Secret ID" expiring, but the regeneration (assuming it is done with the credentials of a valid account who can read/manage mail in the affected mailbox) seems to do the trick.

Since you said though that the errors are IMAP related, have you put any thought into doing the auth account as a non-IMAP OAuth 2.0 account? If you have Oauth already set up for IMAP processing, it shouldn't be that much more work to give the application the API permissions  Mail.ReadWrite.Shared and User.Read to allow processing mail over the API (in Azure/O354, different permissions are applicable to Google OAuth).

Your experience might be smoother if you switched it to processing over the API type of auth account.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark

Yes, the secret ID was just updated a couple of weeks ago.
I’ll forward your suggestion to our MS admin.
- Chuck Renninger Fri 2/9/24 3:44 PM
If the secret ID was just updated, was that plugged into the auth account in TDAdmin?

If yes, when you did that, did you also generate new access tokens at the same time for that auth account?
- Mark Sayers Fri 2/9/24 3:46 PM
Yes. I did run into a few hiccups there. But new tokens were generated with the new secret ID and Auth accounts saved. The old secret ID has since expired. Monitors are functioning. Just had two instances where the token got stale this month on the reply email monitor. - Chuck Renninger Fri 2/9/24 3:56 PM
I believe any time we've asked Engineering about this the token going "bad/stale" wasn't anything that we caused. Microsoft stopped accepting the token for whatever reason and so the IMAP request doesn't complete. - Mark Sayers Fri 2/9/24 4:06 PM