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I don't understand this option, 


It implies that you can create a ticket with no Requestor GUID but the api says it is required. If it is required, there is no situation where this works is there? Is there a way to populate the email address and not the Requestor GUID?

Asked by JAMES HOUSEHOLDER on Thu 2/8/24 4:39 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/8/24 4:46 PM

Hello James,

You can alternatively provide the first and last name of a requestor and their email address and with that URL parameter have a requestor record be created for them when making this API call



Mark Sayers

Sr Support Consultant, CS

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I'm using the TDX Tickets connector in iPaaS. That is not an option there so does that mean I have to make a custom api call? - JAMES HOUSEHOLDER Thu 2/8/24 4:52 PM
Oh just answered myself. I never saw the Custom version. Nice. thanks. - JAMES HOUSEHOLDER Thu 2/8/24 4:53 PM
It's not an option to supply a requestor first name, last name, and email in the call? - Mark Sayers Thu 2/8/24 4:53 PM
Right in the create ticket connector there is no way to set email and name and it says the GUID is required. I see a custom no GUID option but it does not let me spec an AppID so that won't work either. - JAMES HOUSEHOLDER Thu 2/8/24 6:13 PM
That appears to be a "miss" on setting up that connector but I believe it was getting updated to include them. Can you check again? - Mark Sayers Fri 2/16/24 10:18 AM