Tickets Go Through Workflows Across Different Ticketing Applications


As we gear up to go enterprise, I want to make sure that tickets can go through workflows across ticketing applications.  Our primary use case for that would be on-boarding.  We are going with iPaaS soon, and I imagine that would help, but can it work without it?


Asked by Sheila McBride on Thu 2/8/24 11:20 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/8/24 1:14 PM

Hello Sheila,

Can you elaborate a bit more about what you specifically would need this workflow process to achieve?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

Using onboarding for the most common, immediate example would be for onboarding. For example, a new researcher starts. HR gets them their credentials, and basic security stuff. But then they need to get a request to IT for computers, to scientific space for a lab, to office of human research affairs for those credentials, for office of conflict of interest, office of biotechnology, etc. When all those teams have their ticketing apps, we'd like one ticket to go through creating tasks for those teams. Is this something that can be done now or do we need to wait for iPaaS?
- Sheila McBride Thu 2/8/24 1:25 PM
You can build web service steps for your workflow that can create tickets in other ticketing apps for those respective teams to address when someone is coming onboard in this scenario. So yes, the short answer is workflow web service steps can make API calls to create those additional tickets for you in other apps. - Mark Sayers Thu 2/8/24 2:06 PM