custom feed for assets/ci's

I see that there are generic options for the desktop in assets/ci's, in the asset feed, is there a way to only show certain things, for instance

we renamed our to inventory

we do a sync from our allsight (sassafras) management system

we also have our techs update some records manually

is there a way to only show what certain people are doing and not show the allsight sync?

Asked by James Richard on Tue 2/6/24 10:32 AM
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Brittany Renn Tue 2/6/24 10:42 AM

Hi James, 

Unfortunately, there is no way to modify the standard desktop content modules but you could submit this as an Enhancement Request to ask for that kind of feature to be considered for future versions:

In the meantime, you could probably create a custom asset report and filter on Modified By to get you a list of assets modified by certain people. It won't display the feed but it would at least provide you with a list of assets.

Brittany Renn
​​​​​​​TDX Support

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