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Are there refresh timings set either in the sandbox as a whole, or specific to the Organizational Risk section of Portfolio Planning?  I am testing the use of the 

Asked by Rebecca Murphy on Tue 2/6/24 9:26 AM
In the process I’m developing, the business is only interested in the RISK score – so I’m not using a scorecard, goals or composite score (I am not making these sections visible at the Type level). So the composite score always = risk score. My confusion is when I looked at the risk score w/in the Organization Risk section, it doesn’t apply the Risks Percent of Value, but when I look at the Risk score in the Business Case, it does. The fact that they are different is confusing. From a data perceptive, the risk score also doesn’t include the Risk Percent of Value, so I must pull in the ‘Score’, which is the composite score in order to see that factored value. Additional question – am I only able to see the 5 score blocks if I include the Scorecard or Goals sections along with it in the project type? If so, why? By doing this, users can’t see anywhere on the request what the Risk score with the Risk Percent of Value is. Each score should be able to stand on it's own & be visible. - Rebecca Murphy Tue 2/6/24 2:27 PM
Are you saying that you need the score blocks to appear, but it can't appear if you don't have the Scorecard section, or the Goal section, visible?

If yes, I don't have a great reason for why that is. This part of the system has existed as is for a long while, so it would take an enhancement to ask that something be changed about that behavior.
- Mark Sayers Tue 2/6/24 2:57 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 2/6/24 10:30 AM

Hi Rebecca,

I think your question got cut off here as it looks like your explanation sentence is incomplete. If you could provide the full context of what is being attempted it would help us to best answer your question here.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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