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I have set up a few new project request workflows in the sandbox and wanted to be able to report on a specific workflow and have the step names shown. These items do not seem to be available as attributes in the analysis tab. How do I accomplish this? The report in the portfolio planning module shows the workflow, but not the steps. Also where do I easily see where we are in the workflow? Thanks.

Asked by Katharina Wymar on Wed 1/31/24 5:38 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/1/24 9:12 AM

Hello Katharina,

Have you tried running a Project and Requests report in the Analysis application? That should allow you to report on the workflow on a request and also the workflow step resp value for the current workflow step on a request.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hello Mark,
That is what I used to create the report. The "Workflow step resp" for the responsible person is available, but not the other information I mentioned. Do I only see where we are within the workflow by looking at the feed? I was trying out workflows that had different steps.
- Katharina Wymar Thu 2/1/24 9:36 AM
Unfortunately workflow step name is not available to report on currently. In a project request report you can report on Step Age, Step Resp, and Step Start data, but not Step Name. - Mark Sayers Thu 2/1/24 10:03 AM

Katharina Wymar Thu 2/1/24 12:41 PM

I have been using the Projects and Requests Report. It looks like if I use the Project Request Reports I should be able to get what I want in status and workflow is available there.

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That might help too, I just don't believe that report gives you the step name, but it can identify the workflow, yes. - Mark Sayers Thu 2/1/24 12:51 PM