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I am trying to use the SFTP connector Create File function.  I have used it for other SFTP applications.  I am receiving this error from the current FTP site that I am working with.



Unsupported operation open file

I can use other SFTP functions without issue on the same site, so I am logged in, but just unable to Create the file.  

When I use the same credentials via an SFTP client like Winscp, I have not issues copying the file to that directory.

I assume that it is a permission on the site that I am trying to create the file.  Just wondering what rights are needed for the Create File function.



Asked by Scott Allbee on Mon 1/29/24 3:45 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 1/29/24 4:45 PM

Hello Scott,

Can you advise the following:

1) What site are you using for FTP?
2) Are there any logs from the FTP side that have any errors? If you're able to create/copy a file via WinSCP with the same account, I'd be surprised if it's a permissioning issue.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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this is my flow.
- Scott Allbee Mon 1/29/24 4:49 PM
I received this bit of information from their system admin. He said another client was having issues with loading to their FTP site via TDX iPaaS.

For the purpose of assisting their investigation, the backend of our feeds.maxient.com server is Amazon's Transfer Family SFTP service.
- Scott Allbee Tue 2/6/24 3:37 PM