How to automatically edit ticket's classification

We have a field on a form that allows the end user to choose if they want the classification of the ticket to be an incident or a change. We are thinking of creating an automation rule that is based off that selection to automatically change the ticket's classification to the classification chosen (Incident or change). Is there a way through maybe creating a web service method that we can define through a workflow what the ticket classification should be? I'm not sure if this is possible but I wanted to ask since I know that we use web service methods to define what a workflow's status should be as well as what group the ticket should be automatically assigned to in some cases. 

Asked by Gabriela Barragan on Mon 1/29/24 12:21 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 1/29/24 1:38 PM

Unfortunately an automation rule can't directly change the classification of a ticket, but a workflow would be able to if you just used the automation rule to determine the workflow that got applied to the ticket. You could always just design the workflow so it's very first step is a promotion step that promotes the ticket to the right classification, then have a couple versions of the workflow for each classification you're going to let these users choose to have the automation rules apply the right workflow.

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We are using the automation rule to call the workflow we will end up creating. I see if you click "workflow" and then "details" it allows you to edit the "promote classification" option. Is there anything else inside the workflow that needs to be chosen in order to promote the classification? (Only options I'm seeing in the new step dropdown are Approval, branch, choice, collector, condition, iPaaS, Notification, task, timer, & web service) - Gabriela Barragan Mon 1/29/24 3:03 PM
So you have to have at least one step in your workflow, and it doesn't matter what type of step that is. Then in the workflow Details you can configure the Promote Classification to happen on step start and choose the step in question. If that's all the workflow needs to do, it can end with that step, or you can use a web service step to then apply another workflow that has actual technician steps in it. - Mark Sayers Mon 1/29/24 3:33 PM
I tried setting the workflow to promote the classification when the step starts and when the step is approved/completed (Notification step), but the classification is staying the same. Is there anything else that needs to be done to promote the classification? - Gabriela Barragan Tue 1/30/24 9:53 AM
I don't believe the workflow can do both a promotion on step start and on a step complete. It is either promotion on step start, or promotion when a step ends.

Is the Notification step the only one in your workflow?
- Mark Sayers Tue 1/30/24 10:25 AM
Correct I tried to do either or and neither of them actually updated the classification of the test requests I created - the notification is the only step in the workflow - Gabriela Barragan Tue 1/30/24 10:31 AM
What if you make the first step of the workflow a task, but do not wait for completion, then make the notification come after that, but designate the Task step as the promotion step? - Mark Sayers Tue 1/30/24 11:51 AM
And make it promote on step start of the task... - Mark Sayers Tue 1/30/24 11:52 AM
We tried that but unfortunately the classification is staying the same for some reason - Gabriela Barragan Tue 1/30/24 3:25 PM
It worked just fine for me when I tested this method. Is the workflow checked in after you made those changes? I had an automation rule apply the workflow to the ticket and the workflow was set to promote the classification after the task step started. It promoted the ticket's classification, executed the notification step because it didn't need to wait on the task step, and finished the workflow with no problem. - Mark Sayers Tue 1/30/24 4:07 PM
We checked the workflow in after each change that was made. We tested this around 8 times (Half with the notification step included and half without it/just the task step), but still no luck. We are going to maybe have to look into using iPaaS to automatically edit the ticket's classification. - Gabriela Barragan Tue 1/30/24 4:16 PM