Get Ticket Status Endpoint Issue

.../TDWebApi/api/{appId}/tickets/statuses/{id} is not found


I tried using a webhook and Postman with our appId and a ticket ID in the URL varilables

Asked by Scott Cory on Wed 1/24/24 3:13 PM
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Answers (2)

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Mark Sayers Wed 1/24/24 4:14 PM

Hello Scott,

The {id} variable there wouldn't be a ticket ID. It's expecting the ID of the status (as seen in TDAdmin of that ticket app's Statuses page) to know which one to retrieve.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Scott Cory Wed 1/24/24 6:20 PM

Thanks Mark,

I misread the “Gets a ticket status.” as meaning it gets the status of a ticket.

I changed it to:  …/TDWebApi/api/{appId}/tickets/{id}

Gets a ticket.”

Works and we just use “StatusName” from the response body.


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