IPaaS Flow Not Visible in TDX Workflow

I am following the steps in the "Creating a TDX CWorkflow Trigger in IPaas," and I have done this several times, but I can't seem to get the IPaaS flow visible in the TDX Workflow


Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks Tevis

Asked by Tevis Boulware on Wed 1/24/24 2:21 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 1/24/24 2:41 PM

Did you connect your iPaaS environment to the ticketing application in question?

And is the flow in question published yet?

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Yes, on both questions. I expect it has something to do with the "old" versus "std" Ticket Connector, but I can't find the right combination to make it work.

Also, when I try to reply to the email notifications, I get an undeliverable message and have to respond directly to the question.
- Tevis Boulware Wed 1/24/24 5:11 PM
You can close this. I needed to add additional Access Groups to the flow configuration. I will need to investigate this a bit more, but for now, it is recognizing the flow. - Tevis Boulware Wed 1/24/24 5:35 PM