TDNext Tickets Opening on Client Portal


I have a student worker is having an issue where every time he clicks a ticket on his TDNext desktop, it is opening up in the client portal. For other student workers (and myself), the tickets just open up on TDNext like they should. Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

Asked by Riley Fay on Wed 1/24/24 1:47 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 1/24/24 2:05 PM

Hi Riley,

Are you able to take a screen recording of this happening and send that to us? I can't be sure without knowing more as to why this could be happening.

I will say that TDnext links to tickets do not inherently refer to the client portal, so I don't see how that could be the case unless a custom HTML module is being used somehow.


Mark Sayers

Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Riley Fay Fri 1/26/24 10:33 AM

Hey Mark,

We have a screen recording for you that can be seen at the following link:


As you can see, the tickets my worker created get opened up in TDClient when clicked. However, if he searches the ticket's ID number, the ticket opens up normally in TDNext. Any ideas why this is happening? It's only for this one worker.

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Ah, the module in question is specifically for the client portal. It was located under the Client Portal section of desktop modules when it was added to the desktop layout for that person. - Mark Sayers Fri 1/26/24 11:10 AM

What an annoyingly simple fix, hahaha. An embarrassing oversight. Thank you, Mark! Very helpful as always.
- Riley Fay Fri 1/26/24 3:19 PM
You're quite welcome! - Mark Sayers Fri 1/26/24 3:26 PM