Adding Location Field to Ticket Creation Email Notification


We are trying to add the location field from our tickets into the "ticket created" email notification for our ticketing users but we are running into issues. Would someone be able to tell us how we could accomplish this?


Asked by Riley Fay on Tue 1/23/24 11:44 AM
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Riley Fay Tue 1/23/24 3:20 PM

Hey Mark,

So, we did add that but it still isn't coming through properly. Here is a screenshot of the code:


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Is there a location saved into the ticket currently? - Mark Sayers Wed 1/24/24 9:32 AM
So we're actually good to go now, sorry I forgot to come back and say something. It's been a minute since I edited HTML-style code so once I brushed up on that and saw a few of the other errors, I got it figured out.

- Riley Fay Wed 1/24/24 10:12 AM

Mark Sayers Tue 1/23/24 2:47 PM

Hello Riley,

There is a "LocationName" template tag for notification templates that you can use to populate that value. If it is saved on the ticket then it will be included in that notification.

The rest is just knowing the HTML you want to use to format and display that value in a certain location on the notification.

Let me know if that helps.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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