TDX WebHooks marked as metered?

Hello, I have a couple of webhooks from TDX Ticketing applications that only use TDX Connectors and Microsoft User-Send Mail connectors. Is it the Send Mail connector that makes these webhooks "Metered"?

Thanks, Tevis

Asked by Tevis Boulware on Tue 1/16/24 4:37 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 1/16/24 4:49 PM

Hello Tevis,

Are you referring to webhooks from a ticketing app that you are consuming via an iPaaS flow?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Yes, I have one webhook for each ticketing application, and the IPaaS “webhook control flow” determines the type of event and then invokes other “subflows” to handle the specific type of events.

Then some of the subflows send emails using the MS Mail-Send user connector, the only non-TDX connector I use. I am then assuming that using the Mail-Send connectors is causing the flows to be metered.

P.S. When I try to reply to these email notification I get the following error and have to come into the question to respond.

Undeliverable: RE: Question Answered (TDX WebHooks marked as metered?)

Your message to couldn't be delivered.

no-reply wasn't found at, or the mailbox is unavailable.
- Tevis Boulware Tue 1/16/24 5:10 PM
It is metered because of the external (non TDX) connector in the flow. You might refer to this KB article in reference to understanding iPaaS licensing:

Also there is a tooltip next to the flow's metered text explaining why it is metered.
- Mark Sayers Wed 1/17/24 9:39 AM
Mark, I have read all of these articles and help, and my question is specifically whether the Microsoft Mail-Send User connector is the "non-TDX" connector that causes these flows to be metered.

To be specific, is the Microsoft Mail-Send User connector a non-TDX connector?

- Tevis Boulware Wed 1/17/24 11:44 AM
Yes. - Mark Sayers Wed 1/17/24 12:05 PM