Comments/Updates in Web Service Method Parameters

Is there any way to get Comments or a Ticket Update from Ticket as a Parameter in a Web Service Method?  All I see is Description which is not the same as a ticket update or comment.  The workaround I am considering is a custom attribute field, but was hoping to be able to just get the most recent comment or update from the ticket feed.


Also, what is the difference between Description and Description (Raw)?


Asked by Scott Cory on Tue 1/16/24 3:00 PM Last edited Tue 1/16/24 7:57 PM
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Scott Cory Tue 1/16/24 3:40 PM

The response body from the GET Ticket Feed web service method has:


So if I set my parameter "upDate" and then Source "From Workflow" what would the Source Property be to only get the position 0 "Body":"New Comment" and not the other "Body":"Old Comment" values?

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Which endpoint are you referring to specifically? - Mark Sayers Tue 1/16/24 3:48 PM
GET{{id}}/feed - Scott Cory Tue 1/16/24 4:16 PM
So the response will be an array of feed post objects. I'd think your source should look like: ResponseBodyName.[0].Body

this would point to the body of the feed post at the first array position.
- Mark Sayers Tue 1/16/24 4:19 PM
With a GET Method, there is no option to name the response body. How can that Source Property be specifically targeted? - Scott Cory Tue 1/16/24 4:51 PM
You name the response body when you put the web service step on your workflow, like any other web service method. If you're *not* referring to a workflow specifically, then maybe it would be a different answer. Please advise - Mark Sayers Tue 1/16/24 4:54 PM
Thank you Mark, I had not added the web service method to the workflow yet and had forgotten where that field shows up. I see it now :) - Scott Cory Tue 1/16/24 5:31 PM
Hi Mark,

My result was a 400 error because the "update:"{{upDate}}"variable populated with this: "update":"Selected \u0022Identified\u0022 for the \u0022Event Status Update\u0022 step in the \u0022Status Dashboard Event\u0022 workflow." with the Source Property set to GetTicketFeed.[0].Body

I named the Response Body of the preceding GET Web Service Method "GetTicketFeed" as shown in the attached screen shot. Suggestions?
- Scott Cory Tue 1/16/24 7:57 PM
It did grab the right feed post per the way you configured the source property. The failure I believe was because your tag for your eventID parameter is not surrounded by quotes when it is a string value. - Mark Sayers Wed 1/17/24 9:35 AM
I think using a custom attribute for the update message will be more predictable than using the ticket feed. Testing that now.

Also, when the initial event is created, the Description field is used but appears to be sending formatting. Is there any way to have it send plain text?

e.g. <span style="color: #2B2B2B; font-family: &quot;Segoe UI&quot;, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: normal; text-decoration: none; text-transform: none; word-spacing: 0">Account Center will be modified to assign student A3 licenses for users who have both the StudentActive and FacultyFutureHire affiliations. No Account Center downtime is anticipated.<br><br>Note - this is also a test of the API codes and null value of end date/time filed for status other than resolved.</span>
- Scott Cory Wed 1/17/24 11:29 AM
Are you referring to the ticket created notification email? - Mark Sayers Wed 1/17/24 11:57 AM
Hi Mark,

I am using a Web Service Method to POST to another application (StatusDashboard). This is my JSON body:


incidentDetails is From Ticket with Source Property of Description
- Scott Cory Wed 1/17/24 12:01 PM
I don't know that the formatting is removeable since you're already referring to the regular "Description" field and not Description raw. - Mark Sayers Wed 1/17/24 12:14 PM

Mark Sayers Tue 1/16/24 3:07 PM

Hello Scott,

Unfortunately no, those just are not properties *about* the ticket that are retrievable currently via API.

You can GET the ticket Feed, and the most recent indexed result (position 0) should be the latest post I believe (you might check that).

Description is the sanitized result and Description Raw includes the rich content (if present) in it.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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I think it may have been formatting from another source (Outlook message) because I copied and pasted into the Description field on that ticket. - Scott Cory Wed 1/17/24 12:29 PM
Looking at another ticket where I typed directly in the Description filed without any formatting, it appears that there is still HTML formatting that is not being sanitized:
From JSON Body:
"description":"Student Technicians may have greater permissions in the Client Portal than Technicians.\u003cbr\u003e\u003cbr\u003eNote - This is a test of the TDX \u0026gt; SD API.\u0026nbsp; There is not outage of TeemDynamix currently, although the security role issue does currently exist.",

From Response:
"description": "Student Technicians may have greater permissions in the Client Portal than Technicians.<br><br>Note - This is a test of the TDX &gt; SD API.&nbsp; There is not outage of TeemDynamix currently, although the security role issue does currently exist.",

Would the Description (Raw) give us plain text?
- Scott Cory Wed 1/17/24 2:54 PM