iPaaS Connector Problem

In iPaaS I made a new connector using the standard  REST API Service connector.  The new connector uses a Generic OAuth 1 credential.  If I use action that has no parameters and doesn't pass anything in the body it works successfully.  But when I try to use an action that has parameters or a content passed in the body I get the following error:

    Re-authorization: Cannot re-authorize credentials. Unknown: . Initial response:

I contacted the vendor who's API I was trying to use and we did some trouble shooting.  When I get the Re-authorization error the API server is not getting accessed at all, so the error seems to be coming from iPaasS.  I'm getting the same error using the Amazon S3 connector.  In that case, I can get a list of objects in the bucket but when I try to get on object from the bucket I get the Re-authorization error.  

For both credentials (the OAuth 1 and S3) if I try to reauthorize the credentials in iPaaS, it tells me:

    An error occurred while verifying the credentials. Re-authorization not available for the authentication method used to create the credential.

What do these error messages mean and how do I fix it?

Asked by Cory Morgan-Berg on Thu 1/11/24 1:07 PM
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Mark Medaugh Thu 1/11/24 6:04 PM

Hi Cory,

I'm going to go ahead and convert this to a support ticket to take a deeper look into this, as support tickets allow for better tracking, as well as avoiding potentially discussing sensitive information in Questions (which is a more accessible forum).  Your ticket number is 24567381 (you should also have received an email indicating the ticket has been opened). 

For future support issues such as these, a ticket can be opened by clicking the "Submit TDX Issue" button available here: https://solutions.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1965/Portal/Requests/ServiceOfferingDet?ID=1162. For iPaaS questions, please make sure to choose "iPaaS" as the answer to the question "What topic of TeamDynamix are you having an issue with?" - this enables us to proactively collect information such as the flow in question, flow steps causing the problem, and so on.

I'll follow up on the ticket listed above!

Mark Medaugh
Sr. Technical Consultant

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Mark Sayers Thu 1/11/24 4:52 PM

Hello Cory,

Can you advise which credential it is that you're using, and which flow it is being used on?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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I am using a Generic OAuth 1 credential named USD Rapid Identity. The flow is RapidIdentity API Test in the USD – Development application - Cory Morgan-Berg Thu 1/11/24 4:57 PM